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First, I’d like to say that after digitizing a bunch of my parents slides I’ve come to the conclusion that back then they and their friends would’ve fit perfectly into some sort of MEC, Lands’ End, or L.L.Bean catalogue. And I’m more then just a little jealous of that.

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Second, thanks for checking out my site and your interest in having me work with your images. Each project, or group of slides and old film, is different and pricing will largely depend on what results you are looking to achieve. My bare bones pricing is listed here, and it seems 90% of projects fall under this schema. If you’re interested in more information please contact me at – hello(at)alxandra(dot)ca.

While most people only get their images saved to a digital format, as detailed in the barebones pricing, all images provided to you can be comfortably printed up to 13×19 inches. If you need to print any bigger specific arrangements can be made for those few files. I can help you find a suitable printer or provide you with the prints myself.

A small reminder: It is illegal to print or reproduce another artist’s work. If you plan on producing reprints of your images please contact (if possible) the original photographer and ask permission to continue printing their photo(s). Many photographers have a system in place that is optimized expressly for their own works and/or will have suggestions on how to receive the best bang for your buck when reprinting their art.

Again, thank you for your interest in having me work with your images. I’ve started to work on creating a database of knowledge to do with old slide and film restoration. If you’re interested in the process, or just looking for more information then choose a topic and follow the links below!
→ Magenta Slides & Restoration
→ The Damaging effects of Dirt and Dampness

For more information please contact me at: hello(at)alxandra(dot)ca.

I’d love to hear from you.

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