Rome → Paris

I was out like a light last night when this was decided… But today is going to be a blissfully relaxed day. I think a few of us are on the brink of getting slightly sick again (I think that’s the reason I fell asleep so quickly!) so the ability to take our time to pack up and head out to the airport is a bit of a luxury…even though it means we will miss seeing one last park.

That said it means there isn’t much to write about today! After we got all packed up we had a few hours to kill so we bussed down to the colosseum and walked back to the restaurant Anna had taken us to on the 31st. The pizza was still very good – but with out Anna there (a true Italian) they served it to us in a more “westernized” style, thicker crusts, slightly different cheese… As Anna had said, they don’t do this out of spite or anything, it’s simply because they think you’ll enjoy it more if it’s more familiar to what you’d have at home.

On our way to the airport we once again remarked on the soldiers we’d been seeing everywhere. Since this is the year of the jubilee, and after the recent Paris attacks, Italy has deemed there one a high enough security risk to warrant posting soldiers, fully armed with machine guns, at every monument, every bus stop, subway station, etc… Today is also Republic Day so security was heighten even a bit more. When we were at the colosseum yesterday fighter jets were flying overhead, and as one lady working there put it, “it’s a little bit anxiety inducing to think that probably nothing is going to happen, but that this is the level of security the government has deemed absolutely necessary”.


We are at the airport now waiting for our flight to Paris. We’re only in Paris for a total of ~10 hours (roughly 11pm to 7am) as its acting just as a little stop over city as we make our way to Grenoble so Gaby, Marianne, and Veronique, can attend a friend’s wedding.

I think these next few days is the “trickiest logistical transportational” part of our trip in terms of where we have to be when and turn around time…so let’s see how I goes!

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