Rome Day 4

How weird to think that we’re only halfway through our trip, yet we’ve done and seen so much…

Photos to come.

Today we went to the colosseum. I was very bummed that I didn’t have a proper camera for this but I was hopeful I’d be picking my dads camera up from the post office later this afternoon. I also spent a little bit of time on the metro ride reassuring myself that I’d gotten some great photos of the amphitheater in Pula.

Even though we’d already passed by parts of the building several times, once we were inside I was surprised at how small it is. The way it’s described in books or replicated in movies had left me with the impression of a massively grand building that could fit the whole population of Rome in it’s stands.

The biggest difference between Pula’s Amphitheater and the Roman Colosseum, I think, was the elaborate stage found in the Roman one (that and the CPR class that was happening there as well). It also seems that, while very similar in size, the Roman one may have been more “embellished and grand”. There is certainly more marble, mosaics, and indents for statues left behind anyways.

Once we left the colosseum we headed for a wifi area to see if I could go pick up my dad’s camera… This was a frustrating couple hours interspersed with some clothes shopping (not my favourite activity). Unfortunately a lack of knowledge on the person helping my dad’s part, or just a royal screw up by FedEx Italy, means I won’t have a camera for the rest of our trip.

A massive amount of gelato (3 flavours each – I got hazelnut, strawberry, and black cherry) helped get the day back on track. From there we headed over to the Fountain of Trevi. Another monument that I expected to be much much bigger then it was. We all fought through the crowds and took turns sitting down to throw a coin in the fountain, making sure to throw it with our right hand over our left shoulder, ensuring the coin crossed our hearts. I also never expected it to be so crowded – I can’t imagine what the popular tourist locations look like in peak season…I actually think ~October would be the perfect time & temperature to explore Italy. (Although the weather here has been pretty optimal. It’s ranged from 22-28°c, partly cloudy most days with a bit of a breeze).

After the fountain we hopped between stores and monuments making sure to get shoes for Gaby for the wedding, seeing the Pantheon, the Spanish steps, and I found a really cute little trinket that I absolutely had to have. Just before we called it quits for the night we made our way over to plaza that centres around the Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi, a fountain that represents the four corners of the world (the four continents where Papale authority had spread), and Marianne’s favourite monument. Legend also has it that the sculpture (Bernini) made the four men turn away from the church that’s also in the square as a commentary on the “poor quality” of the other artist who’d won that commission.

Unfortunately, it being night, none of us have very many good photos of this fountain. But it’s my favourite as well – you could spend hours just looking at one part of the sculpture. Like the calf and ankle of the Asian river God – the realism is incredible. I really wish I had better photos!

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