Paris → Grenoble

We saw the Eiffel Tower! In passing. The top quarter. Good thing it’s so tall!

Unfortunately we left Paris too early to cash in on our hotels included breakfast. The lady at the front desk was however kind enough to tell us that all we’d be missing out on was fresh baked croissants and pastries from the bakery next door…

But in fairness, she did also tell us that if we caught the 6:30 subway to the train station we’d be able to make a bakery pit stop no problem before boarding. Thank goodness we took her advice. As soon as we stepped off the subway, even though we were two floors down, we could smell the fresh baked goods. I honestly think that if we had to make a decision between boarding or getting still warm chocolate croissants, we would’ve chosen missing the train.

We got to Grenoble at 11 o’clock and had to find something to do for 5 hours. Somewhat fittingly we stumbled into a little museum that was very happy to store our bags while we perused their ancient roman exhibits. It was actually quite an interesting museum and much much larger then we originally thought. It was also by far the best laid out museum I’ve ever been in. The whole building worked to preserve the old church it was built into, while showcasing the Roman ruins (a very large baptism site) the church had been built on top of. But the layout itself had you changing floors all the time, and you never had to double back on yourself to see everything. We managed to kill a solid two and a half hours there – and we may have learnt more about Ancient Rome in those two hours then we did while in Rome!

We killed the last 2 and a half hours sitting down at the first restaurant that looked good. (Although truthfully it was the first restaurant we saw – literally 20 steps from the museum’s courtyard). We’ve had very good luck picking restaurants and this was no exception.

Once we finally got into the appartment we dropped off our stuff, and unfortunately a sick Marianne stayed behind as well, before heading out to walk around Grenoble. We didn’t do too much, but I think we did manage to walk into every bakery in this little town. We then sat down around 8 for dinner (where we discovered that Vin de Noix is essentially green walnuts that have been squeezed into an alcoholic juice. 9/10 would not recommend), and walked home once the restaurant closed at half past midnight.

PS – based on our dinner table conversations I think we could solve most of the worlds problems 😜


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