Image Restoration

Thanks for checking out my site and your interest having me work with your images! Years ago one of my favourite things to do on the weekend was sit down and flick through the family photo albums. It’s sad to now think of how many memories are trapped in an analogue format. Inaccessible because slide projectors are discontinued items, or the ever increasing expense and rarity of proper bulbs (if you’re lucky enough to already have a projector). Or inaccessible simply because labs have quickly moved away from being able to reprint anything save for the standard 35mm negative.

Right now I have several ways to digitize and restore everything from your regular 35mm slides and negatives to your grandparents old ripped sun-stained photos, medium format or tiny 110 film. Now, each project/group of slides & film is different and pricing will largely depend on what your trying to achieve. You can find a barebones idea of pricing here, and it does seem like 90% of projects fall under this schema. If you’re interested in more information please contact me at

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A small reminder: It is illegal to print or reproduce another artist’s work. If you plan on producing reprints of your images please contact (if possible) the original photographer and ask permission to continue printing their photo(s). Many photographers have a system in place that is optimized expressly for their own works and/or will have suggestions on how to receive the best bang for your buck when reprinting their art.