Inaccessible analogue memories:

Whether it’s ten old printed pictures, a couple dozen rolls of film, or – like my dad – nearly thousands of slides – It would be my pleasure to work with you to bring your old images back to life. Check out Slides & Film for a bit more information – and if you’d like even more knowledge then that I’m always updating my “what-goes-into-digitizing-slides” database.
Magenta Slides & Restoration
→ The Damaging effects of Dirt and Dampness

Other Inquiries:

From sitting in the snow for hours or in the heat for days, to chasing after dogs on the trails or tracking Gymnasts through the air – I’ve pretty much done it all. And I’d love to help you capture what ever moment, feeling, person, or pet you love and would like documented. My email is below, please feel free to contact me with a request to see my personal portfolio and together we can build your project up from there!

My email is: Hello (at) ALxANDRA (dot) ca – Can’t wait to hear from you!

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