Truth be told I don’t have much to say about myself. If you knew me in high school and met me again now, almost 8 years later, you’d probably say not much of me has changed. But since you don’t know me – or likely don’t know me – I’ll do what I can to introduce myself. My name’s Alexandra, and I’m almost 25. My favourite colour is purple, and I love double contractions, (ex. I’d’ve, couldn’t’ve), the rules of grammar be damned.

I went to school out in Vancouver for film and anthropology, but I missed the real winter so hightailed it back (well…hightailed it back 6 years later.) I’m a sports photographer, a runner, and I love reading. I put a lot of energy into continuing my education surrounding photography, and I teach it as well as work in a photography gear shop.

All in all, at the moment while photography and sports (doing, following and shooting) isn’t my entire life, added together the two take up about 90% of my time. And truthfully I wouldn’t want it any other way.

In the mean time if you need/want to get a hold of me shoot me an email over at: hello(at)alxandra(dot)ca!

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